Privacy Policy

Traction Tire & Service Center’s Terms of Use and Promise to Privacy.

~ We value the trust you place in Traction Tire & Service Center. Therefore, at Traction Tire and the protection of your privacy is critical to us and we understand that it is vital to the continued trust you place in our company. We do not sell, rent or relinquish customer names, addresses, email addresses or customer-identifiable information of any kind to anyone. All information is stored in a secure location.

~ We value the credence you place in Traction Tire. Therefore, we do not use “cookies” or other systems of any kind to gather personal information. If you are just visiting our website, your domain name or email address is not collected automatically. We do, however, collect non-personal information through your IP address regarding your visit to in order to help us improve our website and your experience. We also customize your browsing experience by storing the information you tell us such the type of vehicle you’re shopping for, the store location you selected and the items you previously viewed.

~ We value the faith you place in Traction Tire & Service Center. Therefore, any personal data that you elect to provide will be used only for programs provided to you, programs that are sponsored by Traction Tire and We do not share any data received with any third party, and we will not use any customer identifiable information for any other purpose.

~ We value the conviction you place in Traction Tire & Service Center. Therefore, we want to make sure that you understand what information we do collect, if you elect to provide it. If you communicate with us by email or “opt-in” to any promotional program that we may offer, we do collect your email address, and any other information that you choose to provide. This information is used to make our website better, to respond to you promptly, and to inform you about products, services, offers and upcoming promotions that may interest you.

~ We value the reliance you place in Traction Tire & Service Center. Therefore, you will always have the option to “opt-out” at any time. If you request to “opt-out” of receiving the above promotional and/or informational notices from Traction Tire, we will make every effort to remove you from the database as quickly as possible. Again, any information that we collect will not be shared or sold to any other company, group or individual.

~ We value the belief you place in Traction Tire. Therefore, we fully support the guidelines for consumer privacy and ethical business practices as set forth by the Direct Marketing Association; an organization that is a leader in the establishment of standards to protect the consumers’ right to privacy.

If you have any questions about this privacy pledge or our privacy or business practices relating to our website, please contact Traction Tire & Service Center.

~ The Traction Tire Team ~ Ramona, CA