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Complete{ly} Simple Tire Research! is the most powerful tool in the tire industry. Looking for the most convenient way to shop and SAVE BIG on tires?!  With Sniff Your Price & Availability, get & compare your best price + incentive & warranty offers from local tire retailers.  Tire Sniffer supports local brick and mortar tire retailers, like us!
We know that shopping for tires can be a challenge – And that’s why we want our customers to have the most fulfilling experience possible.  Whether that be with us or someone else, at the end of the day, you’re satisfaction is our number 1 priority and we do everything we can to earn your business.  Our business is dedicated to earning, keeping and satisfying customers.
When we suggest and use with our customers, we become transparent and 100% committed to gratifying our customers needs.  Unbiased tire shopping is key to working with our customers.  When we show them Nationwide Average Tire Pricing and  letter grades and reviews from the tire industries leading source for unbiased, cutting edge tire information, we become assistants and problem solvers.   It’s a common thing at Traction Tire, our customers feeling so well taken care of they continue coming to us when they need tires & service.


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