Traction Tire Wiper Blades n’ Tire Chains

     Spring has arrived and the rainy season continues to surprise.  Spoiled by the average 146 sunny days a year, we do find ourselves a bit caught off guard and our cars never hesitate to tell us that there is a problem. Windshield wipers are one of the cheapest parts to maintain on a vehicle yet wiper blades are the most abandoned pieces of equipment on our vehicles, especially here in SoCal. Tisk, Tisk…

     Wiper blades should be replaced every 8 to 12 months for optimum visibility.  Regardless of the amount of rain we get, when we do get it you need to see, CLEARLY.  All wiper blades fall victim to the elements. The sun and ozone cause them to fail.  As they age they lose their flip over capabilities. They will develop a permanent set or “parked” rubber.  When this is the case, you get that chatter or streak as the wiper blades move across your windshield, unable to follow it’s curvature because they have taken a set.  It’s pretty obvious when you need to replace them due to the fact that they just plain suck when you use them.

We carry all sizes of wiper blades and tire chains, more commonly know as “cables”.